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Fake ID: China’s new silk

A package sent to an American student from China is suspicious by its nature. Why would a 19-year-old freshman order something like a bead bracelet, a photo frame or a teapot from an unknown company in China? Not because the good has its own value, for sure. It has become a kind of initiation ritual to order a fake ID from Asian region for any student who wants to have fun with his older friends, senior students or even his peers.
E-mails and websites of fake ID producers are handed from older students to their younger friends like a sacral key to an adult life. It is hard to find the origin of that information; the company also changes from college to college, from university to university. The one thing that they have in common — some students have already purchased fake ID from that company, and it worked for them.
When underage drinking and even possession of alcohol has become illegal, and the age limit was set to 21 years in most states, the fake ID has become a top-priority accessory of any student in any university campus in the United States. While ten years ago custom Photoshop IDs were fine for most students, now it’s an industry, with thousands of high-quality fake ID shipped from China’s companies, with million profits.
Chief of International Mail Branch, Kennedy International Airport, whose name is Bill Rivera, claims that over 4,000 packages from China, containing fake ID for American students, have been intercepted by the customs during the last year. How many more have passed the not-so-strict control? Perhaps, a hundred times more. Every next year, the amount doubles.
“Stealth Options” provided by most of the fresh Asian producers of fake ID, are easily surpassed by a customs officer, having a wide experience and strong common sense. A single teapot from China, sent to a university campus? You must be kidding me. However, fake ID companies that manage operating for years, have similar experience in avoiding unnecessary attention to their packages.
What if your package draws attention of the officers and they find a fake ID in it? Typically, you will just lose your money, as you won’t get the fake ID. If an identity theft is suspected, or other crime may be involved, Homeland Security may decide to organize a controlled delivery.
As one of the students, involved in a bulk purchase of fake ID, has confessed, the deepest concerns that they have had was related to paying. Sending almost two thousand dollars of yours and your friends’ money to some Asian website was quite thrilling. They did not worry about participating in a crime, but rather for the money they may have lost.
Screenshot of Already21's Australia NSW Fake ID 

Typically, buying a fake ID these days may cost between $100 and $150 for a good-quality one. Some producers are ready to make a discount for a bulk sale, and provide a free duplicate for each card. If a student orders an ID from an unreliable website that has not been tested before, he risks all his money, at least. We have decided to verify if the popular already21 dot com ships good fake IDs, and ordered a couple from it. What can we say? We got perfectly authentic fake ID in time, paid just a little more than $100, with free and fast delivery, and impressive stealth. Unlike many other suppliers, it hasn’t changed its e-mail for years, which is an important sign of reliability.

One of the most popular places to look for reliable fake ID producers is social networks, like Reddit. You can find description, offers and customers’ feedbacks on many fake ID producers. The website that we have mentioned above has had the best customer feedbacks, and offered a free replacement of a confiscated package within two months. Fortunately, we did not have to ask for that service: everything went smooth.


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