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Government and modern technology make fake IDs popular

Last year, the government of New York has claimed to arrest over 800 underage citizens and confiscate more than 850 fake driving licenses. The governor Andrew M. Cuomo has put it as some kind of achievement of the law-enforcement units, while in reality this is just a sign of a larger problem. This is the new record for yearly arrest and seizures of fake IDs, which shows that the law is flawed, making more and more individuals hunt and purchase fake ID from unreliable sources.
This tendency is scaring. The government enforces total monitoring and leaves the citizens no other choice but to try to evade it by any means possible. The sales of fake ID from China and other Asian countries have increased significantly during the last few years. This is nothing but a need to feel safe and make decisions on your own, not letting the government decide for you.
The pressure increases. As we all know, the Real ID Act has been delayed for years, but recently, under the new person in the office, it has been enforced, and who knows, how long will it take before it comes into power. Recently, the TSA has installed signs at the airports to warn those, whose state driver ID does not comply with the federal regulations, that their ability to fly may be limited. That is also a sign of the federal effort to enforce their law regulations over state laws.
Jim Harper from the Cato Institute believes that the Real ID Act is designed to enhance every step in identity verification process, making it more exact and reliable, thus providing one global federal identification system instead of individual states’ IDs.
What the federal government really wants is to make the list of balking states as short as possible. The pressure applied to residents of one state will definitely reach its government, sooner or later. Despite the privacy concerns and burdening attention from Washington, D.C., many states have decided to change their regulations in favor of federal law, particularly in regard to state ID. Currently, there are just 8 states that have not yet changed their ID design in order to satisfy Washington, D.C.
The Governor of Montana Steve Bullock has said in 2015, that making Montana’s ID compliant with Real ID Act does not serve the interests of the state’s people. Instead, it gives birth to concerns regarding personal information of the people, eagerly collected by the federal government.
However, some states take those warnings seriously. Arizona is among the few fallen under pressure of the federal government and own citizens: see this. A success like this may further stimulate feds to apply more restrictions to the citizens of those states, who have not yet obeyed their orders.
If the United States’ citizens want to avoid total control and monitoring, starting with the Real ID Act, then states’ governments should avoid any movement towards the implementation of the act’s requirements. Unfortunately, not all states are able to follow this advice that Mr. Harper gives.
So, does that make it inevitable for every citizen to fall under the total control of the federal government? Not likely. The thing is, the ID is only good to control you, when it is real. Even if the government restricts drinking for those, who are under 18, it doesn’t mean that the person won’t be able to buy alcohol and drink it in front of cops. Once the ID of that person has the necessary numbers, he is surpassing such regulations. What I mean, is the fake ID. The one and only thing that feds feat the most. However, they are unable to do anything with it, because there are companies, producing the undistinguishable IDs, looking just like real ones, independently on whether the state’s ID is compliant to that nasty Act, or not.
Our brief investigation has enlightened us: buying a reliable fake ID has never been as easy as now. The, for example, offers a very nice choice of forged driver licenses, for many states. We were especially interested in those states who have chosen to comply with the Real ID Act. Multiple customers’ reviews and feedbacks show that these are as good and usable as any others. Therefore, there is no real problem for those, who would like to avoid excessive attention from the federal government or its restrictiveness.

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Having a reliable fake ID is extremely important because of the new President’s anti-immigration policy. Record deportations of the illegal immigrants have already happened, and millions more are under a risk of being deported shortly. The economy can suffer unprecedented losses because of such governmental actions, raids and arrests. While some former authorities, such as John Sandweg, do not believe that the plan is even possible, it puts people’s wellness and even lives in danger.
Hopefully, those people will have their forged IDs delivered in time, so they can evade the antisocial policy of the current government.
Government representatives, such as Mr. Cuomo, are overly concerned with the companies, providing the U.S. citizens with fake IDs. They say anything but the truth, blaming such companies for identity thefts and frauds, instead of saying that they ruin the total federal control system. Just have a look at those complaints!
Nevertheless, as reports show, the pressure and unhealthy attention to fake IDs from the side of federal government only makes the company produce more authentic, reliable ones. The price grows proportionally: if a few years ago one could buy a poor-quality fake ID for just a dozen bucks, modern authentic copies cost hundreds. Many companies from China and other Asian countries make better IDs that the DMV itself!
Another deal is the corrupted officials from the DMV, ready to make fake ID using real equipment and exploiting their access to federal databases. Such documents’ price may vary: a technician from Nevada DMV asked for $1,500 to $3000 for one license. With or without such backdoor services from the DMV or other federal officials, the fake ID market will grow in response to increased pressure and restrictive policy of the federal government. These guys are just a sign of the problem.

Proof of identity is even more important than a good credit history. Not everyone understands it yet, but with the gradual increase in severity of federal regulations, number of restrictions and implementation of total monitoring and control system, more and more people will consider having a fake ID as the only thing that can help them avoid unnecessary, burdening attention from the politicians and the bureaucratic machine.


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