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Officials are seriously concerned by fake IDs

Recently, the WKBW has made a report regarding the situation with the fake IDs in New York. They have timed it to fall, the beginning of the first semester in state colleges and universities. The main message of the report is to stay away from fake IDs, because of the serious legal consequences: criminal charges and possible identity theft.
As Chris Jacobs, who is a clerk at Erie County administration, has stated, that anyone trying to order a fake ID via the Internet and providing his name and other details online, is putting himself in danger, literally “rolling the dice”.
Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a warning, according to which any student who is looking for a fake ID is at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. This is not uncommon: during the last year, the New York DMV has become aware of several dozens of identity theft crimes, and most of the victims were the students with fake driving licenses, ordered those from Asian companies (particularly, Chinese). Not saying that local authorities may charge such students with crime.
As Governor Cuomo stated, “More and more students every year try to purchase a fake ID online, which opens them and the country to a global identity theft market. It is just not worth it, and we hope that the students can understand that — putting themselves at risk of immediate prosecution in short-term period, and risking their financial perspectives in a long-term period.”
Fraudsters only need to know a student’s name, address, SSN and birthday, to withdraw money from bank accounts, open credit lines repeatedly, issue false tax return claims, use medical insurance of the victim, even get a job and work under the other person’s name. This may not only result in huge money loss for the victim, but even serious difficulties recovering his own legal life and cleaning up the important legal records from the fraudulent activity.
Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book from Federal Trade Commission, issued in 2014, displays the following numbers: people between 20 and 29 years old have formed over 18% of all identity theft victims in the United States. Over 6% were people younger than 19 years old. These age groups are more vulnerable to identity theft, primarily because of their careless attitude to own personal information, and also because they are less likely to regularly control their bank accounts, medical insurance and other means of identity theft monitoring.
Terry Egan, an executive from DMV of New York, agrees with Mr. Cuomo: he says that identity theft crimes become more and more common every year. Terry doesn’t understand why would a teenager put his future life into risk instead of waiting a year or two until he can legally buy alcohol and attend parties. However, Mr. Egan mentions the U.S. based companies, selling fake IDs, among the threats, together with Chinese and other overseas websites. He claims that the consequences of a desire to buy alcohol illegally may be severe: far beyond losing the driving license, but putting your whole legal record at stake, having troubles throughout whole adult life.

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We have decided to compare the risks empirically, by ordering a fake ID from the U.S. based company and a Chinese website. Customer feedbacks were especially good for, so we have placed an order there. The Chinese company that we have turned to, was, a typical Chinese website. We have to say, that the card from local company was a way more authentic and reliable. Regarding the identity theft, there is no doubt that overseas companies are out of reach, which makes them more likely to be scammers, despite what Terry Egan may have said.
Nancy Z. Zimpher, who is a SUNY Chancellor, considers it critical for the students to be aware of the possible consequences of their misdemeanor. She says, that the intensive information exchange on the web has significantly increased the risks of identity theft, if personal information gets into wrong hands. SUNY sees its mission, among other, in informing students across university campuses and calling for not sharing their personal information over the Internet, particularly staying away from fake ID producers.
DMV regularly monitors concerts, bars and other places that students with fake IDs are likely to attend. Out of 15 people, caught with fake driving licenses last year, three have reported their identity stolen by fraudsters within a few months. Identity theft is used by criminals to obtain social security card duplicates, fake driving licenses, credit cards, and many more essential documents. Every year, local authorities arrest hundreds of people only in New York, using fake IDs, which is a growing concern for federal government and state administration.
Department of Homeland Security along with DMV constantly try to shut down fake ID websites, primarily those, having overseas operators. The recent termination of the ID Chief website is their achievement. The Chinese and Asian, as well as other foreign websites, asking for personal information to provide you with a fake ID are most likely fraudsters and scammers, looking to steal a real American identity to use if for shady business. Despite the constant effort of the U.S. authorities to cooperate with China and eliminate the foreign threat, new companies appear faster than the old ones get shut down, due to increasing demand for fake IDs.
Several programs have been established by Division of Consumer Protection of New York Department of State. Identity Theft Prevention and Mitigation Program is among the most efficient ones. If focuses on providing the citizens with useful information about personal data leakage prevention, careful use of PC and the Internet, immediate detection of identity theft, rules of regular monitoring of credit cards’ status, bank accounts and other sensitive information. It already helps many New Yorkers in avoiding identity theft.
Another security measure taken by the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is initiating a special enlightenment and training program for bar owners, staff and security. In cooperation with New York State Liquor Authority and DMV, these people will receive full information about old and new security features of the state’s driver licenses, methods of determining fake IDs, and other identity proofs, issued by New York State’s Departments.

Identity theft has become one of the most widespread and troublesome crimes that people of the United States have faced during a few last years. The number of complaints about compromised identity has exceeded 18,000 in 2016 only in New York, according to the Federal Trade Commission.


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