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Factors that make fake IDs so popular, increase with time.
A story of a boy from one of the British private school, earning over $1,500 weekly by selling fake IDs to his classmates doesn’t sound improbable now. Make it $25 per ID and you will always have orders. Recently, it took nothing but a pack of paper and plastic, glue, a printer and a Photoshop skill to create a fine-looking fake ID that would get accepted by local booze sellers and bar bouncers.
Nowadays, the demand for fake IDs is coming primarily from the United States, where the drinking age is set to 21 years in many states. Each fake ID may sell for over $100, and making them becomes even easier as some states have stopped including the magnetic stripes in their driving license cards. The unwise decision allows students using even the poor-quality phony IDs, while the others make money out of selling such cards.
Constantly growing popularity of fake IDs in the university campuses has defined the shocking statistic: over 20% of freshmen and almost 60% of seniors have used fake IDs more than once, according to the study of 2016. Stores and bars situated around university campuses are suggested to use two-factor identification, not relying on just an ID.
While the United States produce the greatest demand for fake ID, China has the largest offer. Not just for the foreign market: while underage drinking in China is barely a crime, gaining access to an Internet Café is much more complicated there. Thus, the situation with total governmental control efforts has stimulated the producers of fake IDs, increased the concurrency, and thus enhanced the quality of the produced fakes.
Even with average-quality fake ID it is possible to buy alcohol, says Geoff Slagle, a Motor Vehicle Administrators associate. Not every barmaid is zealous in double-checking each and every driving license, flashed by students for a second. So, “flashpassing” may work out, at least, if the photo is good.
Technology has also given a boost to fake ID makers. They can make multiple IDs in one click, and the quality is very impressive. Not every DMV expert can say for sure, that a given ID is fake or real, what to say about bouncers, barmen and store keepers. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, along with Deep Web and Tor have given wide opportunities to sell fake IDs of extreme quality over the internet, without a risk to get busted by feds.
As an example, we have looked for a reliable fake ID seller on the web. We have picked one of the most popular websites, The, and ordered a fake ID from there. It was nearly perfect, the high-tech copy of a real ID, maybe even better than the ones issued by DMV. Numbers of positive customer feedbacks is a good proof that those fake IDs work.
Fake UK Driver License

However, high demand along with high production expenses have made fake IDs much more expensive than ever before. Development of security measures and sophisticated holograms, UV ink inscriptions and magnetic stripes has influenced the final price of good fakes. While on previously mentioned website you can still find good $100 or even cheaper cards, some other sellers may ask for $500 or even more! High profit attracts a lot of fraudsters and scammers, making the market unsafe for inexperienced customers.
Most of the fake ID producers prefer to reside in Asian region, particularly in China, where the stock and labor are cheap. Also, they are unreachable for prosecution, which stimulates many scammers and fraudsters. It doesn’t matter how much effort the American government puts into remotely closing such websites and companies, they appear faster than they close.
One of the technological approach to solving the issue with fake IDs is providing one national ID, and the first steps are already taken — Real ID Act, for example. With an electronic ID card, a microchip implant, it would be really hard to counterfeit the ID. However, it also gives unforeseen possibilities for the government and politics to control the citizens, using it for their own needs.

Less futuristic (and threatening) alternative is to maintain a global fingerprint database, having fingerprint scanners in every store, bar, and other establishments. However, it may be very pricy: aside from the total fingerprinting, each cashier should have a fingerprint verification terminal, which costs over $200, at best.


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